Items to avoid in the Diet for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients cannot consume even the healthiest products, because of the disease, they are pertaining. Fruits, which might be extremely beneficial, should be avoided sometimes by them. Banana, watermelon, mango, raisins, etc, are actually sweet poison to them.

There are many items, which a diabetic patient should avoid. Lot of energy is lost in breaking the sugar components, due to shortage of insulin in the body. Diabetes not only changes the digestive system but, also has effect on absorption of nutrients. Sometimes lot of nutrients may go unabsorbed due to excess calorie diet. These are minute problems. Diabetes brings about many other problems like loss of stamina, weakness, inactiveness, blockage in fingers and other body parts, etc.

Weight loss programs, with immediate results should be avoided in case of diabetic patients. Immediate weight loss or gain can prove disastrous for such individuals. It is better off avoiding weight loss programs itself. However, some natural extracts like Garnicia Cambodia, can be considered for slow and controlled weight loss. It is advised to go through rush nutra yacon root before trying it.

Avoid these products!


Butter is an important component of our daily life. We use it in abundance in the burgers, pizzas, toasts and other similar fast food items. It is important not to consume butter in higher quantity. Butter contains significant amount of cholesterol, which harms the heart. It is the reason for excess amounts of fats in the body. High consumption can make a normal person inactive and lazy.


It is advised to avoid the use of sugar in any item. Substitutes of sugar can be used, like honey and jaggery to give the same flavor. Heavy dose of sugar is the prime reason for maximum people, coming under the blanket of diabetes. People, whose parents have diabetes, should consume minimum amount of sugar from a very small age. They are potential diabetic patients and even moderate consumption of sugar, can trap them to the disease of diabetes.

Oily items

Items which are fried, cooked using large quantity of oil should be avoided. Certain non vegetarian foods require high percentage of oil for cooking, such foods should be avoided. Items should be cooked with soya bean oil, which is cholesterol free and safe for diabetic patients.


One should avoid smoking strictly. Smoking can reduce the life span of a diabetic patient by 5 years. Diabetic patients already suffer with the threat of breathing problems, loss of breath, lack of stamina and similar problems. Over that, smoking can completely transform the above deficiencies in to deadly diseases. Smoking creates a lot of problems in the breathing cycle and reduces the stamina also. Diabetic people addicted to smoking should take counseling and get over it as soon as possible.


Drinking wine, beer, etc, can increase the fat and sugar content in the body. Extremely rare and occasional drinking is advised, for people suffering from diabetes. Drinking is also bound to reduce the life span of a person, by not less than 5 years. Thus, quitting drinking would be a better option before life quits us.

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Diabetes Types and its Diets

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease related to the absorption of glucose or its forms. The body needs some energy source, in order to carry on its activities. Glucose acts as an energy source for the body. The glucose is carried to all body parts, through the blood vessels. Muscles and cells require insulin to absorb the glucose present in the blood. The inability to absorb the glucose by muscles or cells causes diabetes.

What is Type-1 Diabetes?

Diabetes generally is of two types. The first is type-1 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes associates with the shortage of insulin in the body, due to insufficient release of insulin by the pancreas. This type of diabetes occurs generally in children and requires external supplements of insulin in the medication process. It arises generally to people, who are thin in size. It is a bluff that, it occurs only to children. It can arise for any age group but, it is more common for children.


It is a deficiency of the body, as the body is not producing sufficient amounts of insulin. Thus, not many changes in diet should be made. Regular and timely diet should be followed. There should be no room for skipping meals.
Regular fluid items should be taken like lime water, juices, etc. Sugar items should be consumed based on the level of sugar in the body. Strictly avoiding sugar, can have side effects of using external insulin, on the body. Type 1 diabetes is generally, hereditary in nature and cannot be prevented. It strikes a person suddenly.

What is type-2 Diabetes?

The second type of diabetes is the type-2 diabetes. This disease is the inability of the body to use the secreted insulin of the body. This disease does not require insulin for medication and treatment. It generally occurs for people, who are struck with obesity. It can be prevented with regulated food habits and exercises. It may also cause blurred vision and skin infections to people.


The type-2 diabetes patients should include good amount of carbohydrates in their diet plan. They should also include proteins, vitamins and minerals, in equal proportion for better absorption of energy resources in the body. There are two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates take more time for digestion, than the simple carbohydrates. Items with complex carbohydrates should be served, in order to avoid hunger in short intervals. Fiber rich food items can also be beneficial in these situations. Consuming suitable amount of salt, in order to prevent blood pressure is extremely essential.

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Importance of medicines in Diabetes

It is a sad truth that, a person has to consume multiple pills every day, when he/she is affected with diabetes. Sometimes, some medicines are to be taken 30 minutes before food and some just after. This involves lot of confusion and may lead to consumption of medicine in a wrong way. Thus, the diet chart for a diabetic person should also display the medicines, which he/she has to consume for better remembrance and easier consumption of the medicines.

Do not allow exceptions

There shouldn’t be a day, where you do not consume or miss out consumption of certain pills. Remember all pills and take them at the right time for better benefits. Timings are really important. Make sure you consume them on a prescribed timing for better effect.

Do not consume medicine, empty stomach

Medicine should never be consumed empty stomach. No matter how important the situation may be, first a person needs to be provided with at least a toast, couple biscuits, or some food before providing the medicine. . However, certain medicines prescribed before food, can be taken with empty stomach.

Do not consume too much of water with the medicine

This might be an issue in earlier days of consumption of medicines. People might not like the taste of the medicine and hence, consume it with loads of water. Taking too much of water might dissolve the medicine into various different components, which might not provide the benefits which, it should.

Use Ayurvedic or Natural medicines for other concerns

All medicines should not be chemical in nature. For various problems like joint pain, finger movements, asthma, and other diseases, medicines made from herbs and shrubs with natural qualities should be taken. An individual is already consuming so many pills, due to diabetes. He/she should not be addicted to more pills, for small-small health issues. He/she should try natural methods before going for chemical medicines. Ayurvedic medicines or Homeopathic medicines can be tried for curing other diseases.

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Weight loss for Diabetic people

Diabetic persons should carefully select and follow weight loss programs. Using dieting techniques, with equal involvement of physical exercises are also essential, to see better results of the weight loss programs. People infected with type-1 diabetes should not experiment, with weight loss programs. It is hereditary to them and cannot be prevented or avoided. While people suffering from type-2 diabetes should try to implement selected weight loss programs, for better results.

Why weight loss is dangerous?

Weight loss can often lead to extreme weakness in diabetic patients. Weakness can give them strokes, which are deadly by nature. It is not about reducing the consumption of food, it is about replacing the foods, with different ones for better benefits and easier digestion. Thus, before experimenting with any sort of programs, may be diet programs or exercises or workouts, consultation of experts is really essential.

Steps to follow-

Eat well

Diabetes disease shouldn’t make you depress, that you cannot eat your favorite items. You can actually console your taste buds, by just following certain steps. Never compromise with eating. Eat well to fill your stomach. Eat in regular intervals and take multiple healthy snacks in the form of fruits, juices, some vegetables, etc, in between the meals.

Exercise well

Performing simple exercises is extremely essential. Just brisk walking for half an hour a day, can keep you going. The disease harms the finger tips and foot. Exercising those parts are extremely essential. Exercising prevents blockage and regulates blood flow in all the body parts.

Fix your Routine

Fix your timings of breakfast, lunch and dinner and do not deviate from the fixed timings. Always, try to have dinner a little early, to enable sufficient digestion time to your body.

Remain Patient and Consistent for rewards

An individual has to remain consistent with the set guidelines and routines in order to ascertain better results. Weight loss is not a process of hours or days, it is a long process. It requires patience and trust in the implementation of the program.

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